Thursday, September 24, 2009

Want to Help?

If you live in the Atlanta area, I'm sure you don't need the news to tell you that it rained...a lot. If you're not in the Atlanta rained...A LOT!

The creeks and rivers overflowed too quickly for many people to even know what was happening before it was too late. Many neighborhoods were under water, houses flooded, roads washed away...and a school under water.

This is Clarkdale Elementary School. It is in Cobb County...the county where I teach. Our county is divided by areas. It's an Area 1 school and so is mine. It is only a few miles from my school, and I've spent many a day in meetings and workshops with their teachers. Clarkdale was flooded on Tuesday. Like the mobile unit I teach in, their mobile units were destroyed too....they floated off their bricks!

School started back for us today, but the Clarkdale students and staff won't be going back there any time soon. They are relocating to two other elementary schools in our Area, Compton and Austell Intermediate.

I talked with a few of the teachers yesterday, trying to find out what they needed from us. They were still in shock. School supplies, student records, and personal items...all lost.

If you'd like to help the students or teachers of Clarkdale Elementary as they settle in to their new, dryer, home....

Monetary donations for the Clarkdale Elementary School Relief Fund may be made through the Cobb Schools Foundation. The foundation’s secure donation Web site accepts credit/debit cards. Cash, check or gift card donations may be mailed to: Cobb Schools Foundation, 514 Glover St. Marietta, GA 30060. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations of school supplies and teacher instructional supplies can be made at your local Cobb County school. The warehouse staff will pick up donations at your school and take them to the warehouse for distribution to Clarkdale students and teachers.

WXIA-TV (11 Alive) and The School Box have volunteered to take donations of school and instructional supplies at Atlanta-area School Box locations. The stores will receive donations through the weekend of Sept. 26-27.