Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loft Loves Teachers

I love Ann Taylor Loft.
I have bought my teacher clothes there for years.
Its about time they recognized and started to appreciate all of the money I've spent there.

They've started a new program.
Loft Loves Teachers.
Visit their site to sign up...

You get 20% off your first purchase and 15% off all purchases.

Finally, a perk for being a teacher...
now if I could just go eat lunch in a restaurant like a real adult.

I'm Torn

I love wearing winter jackets and in the south that doesn't happen often enough...

but I also love flipflops and sandals. Can't we just combine the two looks?

I just bought this cute jacket from American Eagle on Clearance. $60 and I love it!
I got the sandals at Target.
I'm thinking of wearing them together to get the best of both worlds....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So I gave in to peer pressure. Everyone is doing it, so here goes...

1. I broke my arm 3 times roller skating. I don't roller skate anymore.

2. I once won an American Idol karaoke contest on the radio. I can't sing.

3. My all time favorite color is blue because it matches my eyes...but recently I've been embracing the "girly" me and I love pink and red.

4. I love childrens movies maybe more than I love adult movies. A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo are on the top of my list.

5. In high school I was a terrible driver. I totalled 3 cars in the months. I like to think that I've gotten a little bit better over the years.

6. I am a fast driver. During college I got my license taken away for 6 months for speeding. I had to pay alot of money and retake the driving test to get it back. I also had to walk to work.

7. I want to own a store. A monogramming, cutesy, Vera Bradley-carrrying, stationary selling store.

8. When I was little I had a pretend store. It was called Clown and Bee. My mom was my only customer. She said that if I ever open a real store I still have to call it Clown and Bee.

9. I have flat feet. Like Fred Flintstone flat. They are ugly and I hate them.

10. I have 2 fake teeth. Thanks to my genetics I was born with out 2 permanent teeth. I used to have a retainer with the fake teeth on it that I could take out at night. Gross.

11. I am obsessive/compulsive about locking my keys in my car. I did it twice in high school and now I check and recheck my purse at least 10 times before I close the door.

12. Before I was a teacher I was a mental health counselor. My favorite clients were a couple that met in the mental hospital and got married. They were both Schizophrenic. The husband believed that he wrote the song Hotel California for a contest and that it was stolen from him.

13. I vacationed in Vietnam and never ate Vietnamese food. I was afraid of getting sick on vacation. I only at western food and McDonalds for a week.

14. I hate sand and I hate the ocean....but Seagrove Beach is one of my favorite vacation spots.

15. My favorite snack food is Golden Flake Cheese Puffs, AKA "Heaven"

16. I collect koozies. If I ever get married I will give out koozies at my reception.

17. I was born in Fort Worth, TX but have never been back since I was a baby.

18. I also collect Starbucks city mugs....but I don't really like coffee.

19. I talk to my mom every day. Until last year, she used to call me every morning to wake me up for work. Living in Asia with a 12 hour time difference didn't really work for her schedule so I had to rely on my alarm clock.

20. My friends call me Rachrea ( said rah-kree-uh). It came from my friend Gav who thought my BFF was talking to a ghetto person on AOL instant messenger in college.

21. I love kittens and puppies but don't really like cats or dogs. Which is why I have no pets now. I realized they all eventually turn into cats and dogs.

22. I hate fish. I had a boyfriend who took me to Red Lobster on a date....hence the reason he's not my boyfriend.

23. I love mexican food and could eat it every day. White cheese dip is my weakness. If you do not like it, then we cannot be friends. Relationships have ended over cheese dip before. True story.

24. I love scarves. I had 10 made in China. I own approximately 30. It is cold enough in Georgia to wear them about 3 days out of the winter.

25. Paisley is my favorite pattern. When in doubt of what to get me as a present...pick something paisley.

Get Well Soon!

I love the South.
My roomie had surgery this week.
And our kitchen looks like an after a funeral family reunion.
You know what I'm talking about...
the sorry your Great Great Aunt Ida once removed died,
but here's a casserole.
Casseroles and fried chicken make everything better.
Or at least that is what is taught in southern etiquette class.
So while my roomie is knocked out on drugs, I'm pigging it up in the kitchen.
Thanks thoughtful coworkers, your casseroles are much appreciated.

It's Raining...

It's Pouring.
So I teach 2nd grade.
In a trailer.
The only way to reach the main school building from said trailer is down a muddy gravel hill.
It's always fun to go into the building when it rains.
It only rains when we need to go inside.
Did I mention that I hate rain?
Did I mention that I hate my trailer, er, mobile classroom?
So to cheer myself up on this nasty rainy day I just bought myself a new raincoat. is having a 20% off sale until tomorrow.
I got this cute little jacket in Azalea. For $50 I think its worth it.